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Michael Coburn NetworkMichael Coburn is a seasoned professional firm with over 20 years in the field of Information Technology. Their most recent work was with an IT consulting firm in New York where they were responsible for overseeing and coordinating all administrative, development and client hosting technology, facilities, telecommunications, wide area networking, local area networking, desktop support, IT security, disaster recovery planning, applications training and support, and records management.

They have been responsible for the establishment of Information Security Policies and Directives that have set protection levels for IT infrastructure, monitoring and enforcement of the mission critical data.

Michael Coburn has worked for such companies as CBS Television,, and Mohegan Sun Casinos as well as extensive work with the United States Coast Guard.

Vision Application Results
Within the next five years, Michael Coburn will become a leading   provider of Technology expertise to North American small and large businesses   by providing customizable, user-friendly solutions meeting all manner of   corporate needs. Applying our mission to quickly fashion needs based resources.   Michael Coburn will ask questions and provide solutions that make sense to   the business at hand. Michael Coburn has a long history of happy clients and   experience spanning a variety of industries. From Gaming to Transportation,   Medical and Real Estate, they have helped a growing number of firms achieve   their full potential.


April 2014
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