About Us

Founded in 1970, Michael Coburn has been providing Information Technology services to the New York and South Florida areas since 1990.  Michael Coburn expanded their support offerings adding Systems Design, Content Management Systems design and maintenance, Network and Telephony services, proving the strength of our virtualization solutions, enterprise storage solutions, and network infrastructure solutions. Michael Coburn has, and will always continue, to operate under several key principals to ensure that the IT needs of our customers are met.

Michael Coburn

The Michael Coburn process starts with our engineers. By focusing on hiring engineers of exceptional talent and diverse backgrounds our IT consulting and IT support services are correctly staffed each and every time. Unlike some firms whose engineers focus only on one technology, our engineers develop competencies across the spectrum of enterprise-level IT solutions. This is critical since many of today’s IT projects impact multiple technologies, where changing or upgrading one system has a ripple effect across the whole organization.